Welcome to Project War Path 2.0

PoWelcome to Project War Path 2.0. We are shifting into a Special Operations combat veteran analysis-based news feed. All of our content will be written by Special Operations combat vets. There will be zero political correctness. We will expose corrupt or dishonest politicians in both Parties.

The vast majority of politicians do not serve American citizens. These elected leaders and their circles get rich and gain power so they can control every aspect of their constituents life. They believe they need to pass legislation so that the rest of us live “correctly.” These leaders want your freedom: they want to control us, take our wages, and then distribute our earnings in ways that benefit their own circles of power.

We are going to write about the atrocities in the Veterans Administration (VA) and how prison inmates and terrorist detainees get better Healthcare than our veterans. Tenured administrators at the VA have no fear of being punished or losing their jobs.These bureaucrats control the system and give themselves massive bonuses and six-figure salaries for putting America’s finest on death lists as veterans jump through endless hoops to get basic health care. These VA administrators make it so difficult to receive the most basic of health care that many veterans quit or get lost in the system and never receive treatment. Radical Islam and communism are among other topics we will cover as they are imminent threats to our way of life.

We will give you our honest and unfiltered opinion about what is going on and what has happened in our great country. We believe in American exceptionalism. Our brothers and sisters have given their lives to protect our nation. The least we can do is call out the politicians and bureaucrats who are destroying what our friends gave their lives trying to protect.