About the Warfighters



Tej Gill – Navy Frogman and Founder of Project War Path. Tej spent 10 years on active duty in Naval Special Warfare and then moved on to federal and private contracting for another 8 years. With the majority of 2001-2014 spent in war zones in the Islamic world, he can offer a unique insight into Islamic terror and threats to America.

Drago – Navy Frogman, was born in Marxist/Socialist totalitarian Poland and grew up under Communist rule. He was imprisoned for fighting Communism. After he was released from Socialist/Communist gulag, Drago came to America and became a US Citizen. He then joined the Navy, serving 20 years as a Navy SEAL. Drago has multiple deployments to combat zones. He also deployed for combat operations with Tej. Drago offers unique insight into Communism, Nazism, Socialism, Police State tactics and how they relate to the America we live in today.
After the fall of totalitarian Socialism/Communism in Poland, Drago was fully exonerated by the new, free Polish Government in 1994.

Jeff Scace– Green Beret, Jeff served in heavy combat in Afghanistan with Army Special Forces. Jeff served with Tej on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border in 2008-2009. Jeff now holds a Master’s in Business Administration and is an executive at Optimas manufacturing solutions.

Kevin Tretter – Green Beret, Specialized Entry Troop (SET) operator of 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta (SFOD-D). Kevin served in Army Special Forces for 22 years, he was critically injured in a helicopter crash in Sadr City Baghdad. Kevin finished out his last few years as a JROTC Senior Science instructor at UC Davis.