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  • "Hillary Clinton Killed My Friends" bumper stickers. Perfect size 11"x 3" for the back of your car or truck!

Hillary Killed My Friends - Bumper Sticker 11"x 3"


These are the infamous "Hillary Clinton Killed My Friends" bumper stickers. Perfect size 11"x 3" for the back of your car or truck!

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  1. love it

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 16th 2017

    Trigger em snowflakes I got three in my order with a warpath sticker I proudly mounted to my truck and laptop, I love these stickers and the brand!

  2. support

    Posted by jose.luis85@aol.com on May 28th 2017

    I have it displayed on my jeep! Services was awesome and plus I received an extra sticker! Thank you gentlemen!

  3. awesome

    Posted by Unknown on May 19th 2017

    Love the sticker!! Also enjoy the service I received. When I opened the envelope, there were 2 stickers and a project war path one as well! Thank you !!

  4. Truth and Justice adhesive

    Posted by Whiskey on Apr 13th 2017

    Badass, high quality, durable sticker- with a heavy meaning. Spread the truth and bring the filthiest human being to justice

  5. To the point.

    Posted by Cat on Dec 14th 2016

    I have both the bumper stickers and their AMAZING hats. Project War Path is an incredible company...it breaks my heart that they have to exist. It kills my heart that Hillary Clinton and Obama have to exist...if they didn't four incredible Americans would still be with us. XO

  6. Great product!

    Posted by Cat on Dec 5th 2016

    Both the bumper stickers and hats are top notch!

  7. Great products!

    Posted by Shane Ash on Nov 1st 2016

    The shirts and the stickers get the message out about evil Killary! I get a lot of thumbs up and people asking where I got them. Keep up the great work!

  8. Leaves Killary's sheep speechless

    Posted by Jim Murray on Aug 31st 2016

    The 11x3 bumper stickers on both ends of my PU truck provide extra driving room around sheep people and smiles from LEOs on the streets of Gainesville, Fl, The smaller stickers are perfect attached to my rifle cases and have improved my 100+ yd accuracy
    as I get more pissed off. Wearing the in-your-face PWP T- shirts get thumbs up from conscious Americans and cowering silence from Killary's sheep.

    Godspeed and bless the frogmen!

  9. best bumper stickers ever made.

    Posted by Ryan Shipkey on Aug 23rd 2016

    Every so often I have to wash my KMF shirt, so I bought a couple to put one on my truck and then the others in whatever other shirt I wear until I do laundry. Like I said, Fuck Hillary. These are the best stickers ever made. Keep up the good work, gents.


    Posted by Patrick Olds on Aug 23rd 2016

    I have the T-Shirt too and wear it all the time!!!! Every time I wear it I get a lot of comments about it and some want ONE!!! So the money goes to a good place, and lets all know the TRUE about Hillary Clinton, the LIEING, CROOKED, LOW LIFE. I get a lot of Thumbs up when they see my BUMPER STICKER, IT'S GREAT!!! I put the big one on my Pickup and the little on my Wife's car. Up here in Northern Calif. the people LOVE IT, even my Pharmacist, wants one. You email is going to everyone here. Pat

Showing reviews 1-10 of 11 | Next