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Ex-Navy Seal Caught With Hillary Shirt, Then People Notice What Else Is on It

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A former navy SEAL is helping get the word out about Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and he’s turning quite a few heads in the process.

Tej Gill, a former warfare operator of the United States Naval Special Warfare Group who served as a Navy SEAL for 10 years, has been seen wearing a T-shirt that succinctly captured how he and others felt about Clinton ’s culpability in the terror attack on Benghazi.

The shirt read “Hillary Clinton Killed My Friends” across the back.

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The T-shirt was part of a campaign that his organization, Project War Path, has undertaken to expose the truth behind the 2012 terror attack on the American diplomatic mission and nearby CIA annex in Benghazi, Lybia, that resulted in the death of four Americans.

“The reason I’m adamant about doing this is because Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were my friends,” Gill said in an interview with Breitbart.

Doherty and Woods were former Navy SEALs who were killed while working for the CIA’s Global Response staff during the attack.

Gill said he’d known Woods since 1997: “He was a mentor of mine when I was a new guy in the SEAL teams.”

Gill added that he had met Doherty around 2003, and remained friends with him until his death.

“I was actually roommates with him in Afghanistan in 2011,” the former SEAL said.

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Gill explained that Clinton “really did kill my friends when she was secretary of state, by denying security upgrades at the consulate that probably would have stopped the terror attack.”

Gill said he started the Project War Path to tell the story of how Navy SEALs go to war, but “now, we want to get the story out about Hillary Clinton.”

Watch the interview with Gill below:

These T-shirts get straight to the point about the lack of leadership displayed by the State Department under Hillary Clinton regarding a situation they knew had been precarious for some time.

Then-Secretary Clinton and the sycophants in her entourage chose to ignore the warning signs, and Americans died because of it.

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